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Press Secretary - "Doreen significantly increased our campaign's social followers, engagement, and conversion rates on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. She did a masterful job of ensuring our key messaging was coordinated across all of our digital channels. More importantly, Doreen has a keen knowledge and understanding of the strategic communications process (i.e. strategic counsel and planning, crisis communications, reputation management, etc.), which proved invaluable on a daily basis throughout her time with the Congressional campaign. Doreen has impeccable leadership skills and would be an asset to any organization in need."

Founder - "Doreen is a very important leader in driving the strategic planning for the consumer-facing side of our restaurant business. Her experience from a strategic standpoint is enhanced by her ability to implement on a tactical level and crucial for any startup business."

Consumer Experience Associate - "Doreen developed and executed the marketing plan for our launch. Despite the many changes that were made along the development of the brand, Doreen was extremely flexible to any alteration, quickly updated her marketing strategies, and immediately jumped into action to get the next steps completed. She is diligent and precise in every piece of information she puts out about the brand, both internally and externally. She is hard working, intelligent, and clearly has a very high level of experience in her field across various industries. Despite having the most marketing experience on our team, she was continuously receptive to new ideas and worked to incorporate those into her strategies."

Enterprise Content Solutions - "Working with Doreen has been a pleasure. Skilled in PR and marketing, she did a great job pulling together a messaging strategy that was relevant, actionable, and made the web content development extremely efficient."

VP - Merchant Partnerships - "I had the privilege of working with Doreen on a large rebranding project that crossed all channels of our organization. From a website redesign, including educational videos to all new marketing and sales collateral. It was a massive project, one that Doreen owned immediately and handled with exceptional skill. She quickly broke the project down into its separate components, writing copy, setting brand direction, organizing layouts, and making sure all pieces of the puzzle fit together cohesively. Not only was her work extremely creative and thorough, she delivered on-time, under budget, and was a pleasure to work with."

Chief Marketing Officer - "It's rare that you come across standout public relations partner like Doreen. She expertly sourced opportunities for our team and was key to our PR success. What always amazed me, and the entire team, was her tenacity and resourcefulness. Always a pleasure."

Ethics & Independence Partner - "Doreen is a smart, highly-motivated, and focused individual that get things done. She continuously demonstrates that she is very professional and reliable. She works independently and has good decision making skills. Most importantly, she takes end-to-end responsibility and ownership of the areas/projects assigned to her. Her clients are lucky to work with such a dedicated and dynamic individual."

Director of Strategic Communications - "Doreen is a whip-smart PR & marketing professional who knows her craft! She s extremely skilled at coaching executives to communicate more effectively. She is also a master of generating media coverage for her clients. Doreen has developed unique tactics to find media opportunities, as well as building relationships that boost the bottom line."

Senior Marketing Manager - "It's rare to come across the spectrum of skills that Doreen offers. Not only is she gifted in her craft, public relations, she stands out as a leader in crisis communications, marketing strategy, and overall media relations. Doreen can confidently pitch ideas to any media outlet for results that align with an overarching marketing strategy. Beyond these skill sets, I often turned to Doreen for direction on resolving client issues due to her experience a a leader, coach, and mentor. She is a clear, direct communicator and takes ownership of both next steps and ultimate results."

Executive Vice President - "Doreen is a PR leader that you want on your team. Her drive is unparalleled and if you have the opportunity to work with her... take it!"



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