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Let Us Fill the Marketing Gap.

The ITM Bundle will let your rockstar start, on day one, with the data necessary to do amazing things. 

Doreen Clark is the founder of


In 2021 Doreen was unexpectedly laid off from her job. This unfortunate event spurred countless hours in which she applied to positions. What she realized? Companies had a very long hiring process with many interviews needed, spread over a large period of time, sometimes months. Though an organization needs the right fit, it doesn't change the notion that work was getting pushed to the wayside and current staff was being over-worked during the hiring process.


It was quickly apparent that even though companies were hiring for a specific position, there was still work to be done between the time of need and the time of hire. IN THE MEANTIME Marketing was born to deliver key marketing materials, valuable to any organization, that will allow the new hire to hit the ground running. They get to see key data, on their first day, allowing them to get comfortable and up-to-speed quickly, possibly with a latte in-hand.


In the Meantime Marketing sets up the new hire for success with the ITM Bundle. It may not have a bow on it but it will surely feel like a present! It will take away the typical time necessary to get up-to-speed and instead allow the key player to start making informed, data-driven decisions, in warp speed.


The idea? Start them happy, keep them happy.


So, who is Doreen Clark? She is the quadruple boomMarketing, Communications, Public Relations and Brand Development. She knows what it takes to get things done and has helped both start-ups and global organizations find their way - a business development maven that consistently wears a classy marketing hat (pink, with a feather).

She has been in the industry for two decades and her deep knowledge, mixed with her understanding of what a senior level marketing hire needs (or wants) for a successful start will be invaluable. The ITM Bundle will save time so that they can make their stamp on the things that will positively impact the department, the company, and revenue. 

The remote work environment has created a boom of applicants, taking longer to sift through those that are qualified, and longer to the hire. But.... there's still work to be done, In the Meantime.


Let us solve your challenge.

It's not a last resort. It's just IN THE MEANTIME.     

What are you waiting for?

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